We can service and install technology for your fleet onsite and after-hours, eliminating the hassle of your drivers shuttling vehicles to offsite centers.

Custom Technology Installations

Our technicians install the latest fleet maintenance technologies, ranging from simple plug and play GPS units to complex vehicle tracking, system monitoring and performance information gathering systems.


Technology installations include:
GPS Systems
Remote Camera Systems
Work Site Tracking Systems
Equipment Tracking Software

Mobile / After-Hours

Our service units arrive fully outfitted and stocked with everything needed to service your vehicles.

Core Services

Think of us as an extension of your core team of mechanics. We support them by completing routine preventative maintenance, so they can focus on the bigger repair needs within your fleet.

Extend vehicle lifespan

Our program tracks and manages your preventative maintenance needs, so it happens on-time and keeps your vehicles running properly as long as you own them.

Technology Installations

We provide full installation services to upgrade your fleet with the latest maintenance and management technologies.


Preventative maintenance services include:

Oil Changes

Tire Rotation & Repair


Battery Replacement

Wiper Blade Replacement

Headlight / Tailight Replacement

Air / Cabin Filter Replacement

Transmission Flush

Fluid Top-Off


1. Drain / Refill Oil
2. Replace Oil Filter
3. Lube Chassis (if applicable)
4. Check Air Filter
5. Check & Set Tire Pressure
6. Check Wiper Blades
7. Check Belts & Hoses
8. Check Headlights & Bulbs
9. Check & Fill Antifreeze
10. Check & Fill Brake Fluid
11. Check & Fill Washer Fluid
12. Check & Fill Transmission Fluid
13. Check & Fill Power Steering Fluid
14. Check Battery Terminals for Tightness


Have you ever thought about what it costs to keep your vehicles serviced?

Tired of having a fleet vehicle out of service instead of out on the job making money? Let our fleet division, Fleet TLC provide a cheaper, more convenient solution.
Most businesses pay an employee to go wait at a local Quick Lube to get company vehicles serviced. This method costs the company significant time and money. Others spend even more money and pay 2 employees to drop off and pickup a vehicle for service. Below is a breakdown of what it really costs you as an employer:

Traditional Oil Change


  • $39.95 Standard oil change, fluid top off, set tire pressure, etc.
  • $20.00+ (1) hour of employee paid wages
  • $85.00 Lost billable hour for business
  • $5.00 Gas driving to quick lube
  • $5.00 Employee wage benefits
  • Total Cost per oil change + $155+
  • A 20 vehicle fleet, driving about 20,000 miles per year, requires 4 oil changes.
  • TOTAL ANNUAL COST = $12,400
    (80 oil changes x $155)

Other Fleet TLC Services

  • Serpentine Belt Replacement: $89.95
    (labor only)
  • Diesel Pickup Oil Change: $74.99+
    (includes oil, filter, 14pt. inspection)
  • Synthetic Oil Change: $69.95
    (includes up to 5 quarts of oil, filter, 14pt. inspection)
  • Cabin Filter: $29.95+
  • Tire Rotation: $19.95+
  • Air Filter: $14.95+
  • Windshield Wiper: $10.95+
    (per blade, installation included)
  • Light Bulbs: $5.95+
  • Batteries: $TBD

If it needs oil, we service it!

In addition to fleet vehicles, we also service motorcycles, concrete trucks, semis, RV’s, tractors, trailers, dump trucks/industrial equipment, skidsteers, forklifts.

On-Call Support

In the event of a breakdown, outside of your normal service schedule, our mobile technicians are available during business hours or after hours to service your vehicle needs on short-notice (based on availability).


By offloading the preventative maintenance work, you can focus on your business and let us worry about keeping your fleet running smoothly.


Fleet TLC believes in giving back to our communities. Along with supporting local charities, our Stop and Serve program rewards our employees for stopping and helping stranded motorists. All our employees are rewarded with a bonus each time they encounter a stranded motorist and they stop and help. Help may look like a few gallons of gas for an empty tank, it may look like plugging a hole in a tire or it may be jumping a dead battery. Understanding the stress associated with car trouble and wanting to help alleviate that stress, these random acts of service are free for the stranded motorist, getting them moving again quickly and safely. This is our way of saying thanks to the community for supporting our company.


Fleet TLC has been great to work with. I used to waste time and money while my employees sat around at the service shop waiting for oil to be changed or brakes repaired.

–Bruce, BC Plumbing

Before Fleet TLC, when we had service work that needed done to our vehicles, we had to rent vans just to keep up with our deliveries. Those rental costs added up and hurt our efficiency…


I think it’s awesome. 5-star service!

–Carey, Orielly’s Auto Parts

Fleet TLC is a great, onsite vehicle service that is reliable and provides great customer service.

–Linda, Integrated Pest Management