While Autozone sells many of the parts and supplies needed to fix vehicles, they do not have the ability to perform many of the repairs that these parts are for. In order for Autozone’s delivery vehicles to be serviced, they had to take these vehicles out of service and leave them at the service center for repair. Fleet TLC now services Autozone’s delivery vehicles with zero downtime for routine maintenance allowing their vehicles to maintain delivery schedules to other stores or independent repair shops. In the past, Autozone would be forced to take vehicles out of service and rent another vehicle while preventative maintenance was completed on work vehicles. Our after hours service schedule eliminates the downtime of delivery vehicles and the additional costs associated with renting replacement vehicles.

“Our vehicles drive a lot. All day, every day they are making deliveries. Before Fleet TLC, when we had service work that needed done to our vehicles, we had to rent vans just to keep up with our deliveries. Sometimes the service work would take a couple days. Those rental costs added up and hurt our efficiency as my guys spent more time renting vans and dropping them back off then they did delivering parts. Now, we get ahead of issues by having Fleet TLC complete service work on at scheduled days and times. Not only are we more efficient but our vehicles last longer because we follow the recommended maintenance schedule.” –Steve


BC Plumbing is a local plumbing company with approximately 8 vehicles and no mechanics on staff. In the past, BC Plumbing shuttled company vans/trucks back and forth to the nearest repair shop for all routine maintenance. Fleet TLC has serviced their fleet for the past 4+ years. In that time we have built a relationship where we service all their fleet needs onsite, after hours. Our fleet maintenance service keeps their fleets running 24/7 without interruption for routine preventative maintenance work and gives them a quick, reliable on-site alternative for unscheduled maintenance work which gets their vehicles back on the road quickly. Our technicians schedule routine maintenance and complete the work after hours along with quickly servicing unscheduled issues that arise.

“Fleet TLC has been great to work with. I used to waste time and money while my employees sat around at the service shop waiting for oil to be changed or brakes repaired. I never knew how much this was costing until Fleet TLC came in and took over all the service work on all our company vehicles. Now, all I have to do is call and let them know what needs to be done or even just have them diagnose the problem. Either way, my guys don’t sit around wasting hours while mechanics finish other cars and we wait. Along with that, Fleet TLC can service my employees cars at the same time as the company vehicles, which saves them the hassle of spending weekends servicing their cars.” –Bruce


Another auto parts supplier, Orielly’s Auto Parts struggled to keep up with deliveries while the trucks were out of service with mechanical issues and repairs. Our team is able to service all Orielly’s delivery vehicles on site, after hours – virtually eliminating downtime and delivery backups while trucks were out getting service work completed. Here’s what Orielly’s had to say about Fleet TLC:

“I think it’s awesome. 5-star service! Greatest thing is we get our vehicles serviced when it’s convenient for us. We don’t have to relinquish control of our vehicles for service during the day when they need to be out doing deliveries. Absolutely no down time.” –Carey


Fleet TLC works with each client to find the optimal days and times that vehicle service work can be completed therefore minimizing disruption to daily operations. Integrated Pest Management has a monthly service meeting and during which trucks are out of service. Fleet TLC technicians come in during this time and complete all routine maintenance, which allows IPM to get needed work done during business hours but without taking trucks out of service.

“Fleet TLC is a great, onsite vehicle service that is reliable and provides great customer service. Fleet TLC will service our vehicles while we are having our monthly service meeting, therefore saving IPM Services time and money!! I highly recommend Fleet TLC.” –Linda