Have you ever thought about what it costs to keep your vehicles serviced?

Tired of having a fleet vehicle out of service instead of out on the job making money? Let our fleet division, Fleet TLC provide a cheaper, more convenient solution.
Most businesses pay an employee to go wait at a local Quick Lube to get company vehicles serviced.   This method costs the company significant time and money.  Others spend even more money and pay 2 employees to drop off and pickup a vehicle for service.  Below is a breakdown of what it really costs you as an employer:

Traditional Oil Change


  • $39.95 Standard oil change, fluid top off, set tire pressure, etc.
  • $20.00+ (1) hour of employee paid wages
  • $85.00 Lost billable hour for business
  • $5.00 Gas driving to quick lube
  • $5.00 Employee wage benefits
  • Total Cost per oil change + $155+
  • A 20 vehicle fleet, driving about 20,000 miles per year, requires 4 oil changes.
  • TOTAL ANNUAL COST = $12,400
    (80 oil changes x $155)

Other Fleet TLC Services

  • Serpentine Belt Replacement: $89.95
    (labor only)
  • Diesel Pickup Oil Change: $74.99+
    (includes oil, filter, 14pt. inspection)
  • Synthetic Oil Change: $69.95
    (includes up to 5 quarts of oil, filter, 14pt. inspection)
  • Cabin Filter: $29.95+
  • Tire Rotation: $19.95+
  • Air Filter: $14.95+
  • Windshield Wiper: $10.95+
    (per blade, installation included)
  • Light Bulbs: $5.95+
  • Batteries: $TBD


If it needs oil, we service it!

In addition to fleet vehicles, we also service motorcycles, concrete trucks, semis, RV’s, tractors, trailers, dump trucks/industrial equipment, skidsteers, forklifts.